Organizational/Personal Assessment

An organizational/personal assessment will give you the confidence you need to either move forward with a good idea or take a more critical viewbefore you dive it. This comprehensive assessment includes a 10-page questionnaire that you fill out, on your own time, followed by a 90-minute call (we can take up to 2 hours, if that’s what you need) to work through your situation. I’ll also review your business plan or executive summary, if you have one (but don’t create one just for me – that’s definitely not where I’m going with this).

I don’t know about you, but my crystal ball hasn’t worked for years. That’s why I had to find new ways to look at future potentials. I learned that by laying out the reality of a situation, looking at it with both a positive and a critical eye, I am pretty darn good at seeing whether or not an idea, teamed with a particular person, has a future.

Completing an Organizational and Personal Assessment will help you understand both your situation with your idea/technology/software/product/service and your own strengths (and yes, weaknesses too) before you dive in and discover that you’re in the shark tank, and it’s feeding time. Before you start running toward what you think is the goal line, make sure that you understand where the clearest path is, where your teammates are, and that you fully understand the play.

Stay out of the Shark Tank! Believe me, you don’t want to go there. Even if you aren’t on the reality TV show, where people make deals in moments with people they do not know (a Very Bad Idea), I see many “would be entrepreneurs” diving in to lots of detail early on – in essence running before they walk. That is perfectly normal – and to some extent it is helpful to begin learning about all the steps that you may take to commercialization and a functioning business. But it often means that you move quickly into overwhelm mode. Suddenly the commercialization process looks too big. Or maybe you sink thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars into something before you discover that you really should have taken Step X back at the beginning.

An assessment is a chance to take a breath and look at the necessary steps to bring your product or service to market. Then you can make an informed decision about whether or not to move forward.

Business consultants usually charge thousands of dollars (sometimes into 5 or even 6 figures) to assess where an organization is. (I recently had someone give me a quote for $35,000, with which they were going to tell us how screwed up they thought our software architecture was and how they could fix it for us, presumably for a few hundred thousand dollars. When I told them no, I did not want to have them do that, they actually made an appointment to tell me I had hurt their feelings with my rejection. Aww gee fellas…) That’s why I offer this service for only $497. I want you to think this through before you dive in deep. But the savings are not just on the assessment. What if you quit a job paying you $100,000 or more, to build a business, only to discover that you really aren’t the type to start a business, or that you made a critical mistake in the beginning?

Here’s exactly what is going to happen after you order:

  1. I’ll send you the assessment questionnaire.
  2. You will work through it, on your own time.
  3. You can send me other materials to review while you’re doing that – any business plan information that you have, your own background materials, etc.
  4. Once you send me the completed questionnaire, we’ll set up a phone appointment to go over it together. We’ll give ourselves 1.5-2 hours for this.
  5. I’ll follow that with a brief set of notes that you can use to plan your next steps.

Order your assessment now. Don’t wait until it’s too late to understand your own potential and the steps involved in this process.

Consulting Packages

When you don’t want to leave anything to chance, work directly with me. I offer three different packages, each designed to match your organizational stage and needs. Spaces are extremely limited. I will offer to work with you only if I know I can help you.

There is no cost or obligation to apply. Once I get your application, I’ll be in touch about our next steps. Apply now.

Manifestation Mapping

Making a big (or even medium-sized) change in your life can be a scary prospect. I created the Manifestation Mapping™ process to help people visualize and activate changes over a one year period. Before anything can happen in the physical world, we must first create it in our mind. Manifestation Mapping combines 3 major forms of input and visualization: verbal, graphical, and written.

We start with a 1-hour phone call where I walk you through a series of clarifying questions. I then create two things for you – a full-color Manifestation Map that you can print out and keep in view, as a reminder of where you are going, and an approximately 10-page long personal guide to the map, with a set of daily and weekly practices to help you stay focused.

I have the map on my refrigerator so look at it several times a day. I’m moving toward my goals. My house is on the market, as is my MINI and as soon as the MINI sells my credit card balance will be zero and as soon as the house sells my total debt will be zero. So I feel like I am well on the way and it’s feeling good and not a struggle.

Manifestation Mapping would cost cover $2,000 at my normal rates, but I have so much fun doing these maps that I’m currently offering it for only $197.

Find Your Golden Compass eBook ($9.95 value FREE)

Find Your Golden Compass is a free eBook that helps you work to an understanding of what you are most passionate about – where you will feel most fulfilled spending your time over the next 1-5 year period.

Find Your Golden Compass takes you through a values and passions clarification technique that helps you understand how what you are doing is aligned with your deepest desires. When that happens, almost nothing can stop you!

Find Your Golden Compass was originally developed for my Mondays with Money brand, which I developed to help people (including me!) heal their relationship with money. But it’s not about money directly – it’s about your passions.

Download Find Your Golden Compass now, and start down the most amazing journey you’ll ever take – a life that is based on your deepest meaning and desire.

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