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Reaching Goals by Avoiding Perfection: Conquering Zeno’s Paradox

The perfect hell might be a world where you forever get halfway to a goal, but never reach it. My question for you today is, “How many goals are you forever reaching toward, and what can you do, today, to actually reach them?” Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox states, “That which is in locomotion must arrive at […]

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It’s a 3-legged stool thing: Doing, Managing, and Building

How many of you started your business because you love to sell? Or because you love to do the bookkeeping and accounting for your company? Or create processes or manage employees? My guess is: not many! But all of these “other” responsibilities are vital to a successful small business and, if you are like most […]

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7 Great Books for Super-Early Startups (that you can get for free!)

When you’re thinking of starting a new venture, it’s always good to read up and immerse yourself in the new thoughts around it. But just which of the more than 10,000 business books published each year should you read?! I named this list “7 Great Books for Super-Early Startups” because I know about you – […]

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ESCape your infinite loop of not getting it done – and move to the infinitely expanding world of innovation

One of the funnier characters from Sesame Street is Oscar the Grouch, a homely green creature who lives in a garbage can. Oscar is stuck in an “infinite loop” – since being miserable is good, anything that makes him miserable makes him happy. But wait! He hates to be happy, so that makes him miserable, […]

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