About Marilyn Walker and Grow Your Org

Marilyn Walker is a serial entrepreneur and scientist who left the safe world of a government research job to found an ecommerce company, and she has never looked back. Marilyn weaves together her own background in modeling, statistics, and analysis with business savvy and marketing acumen to produce extraordinary results.

Marilyn Walker – Founder of Grow Your Org

As the Founder and CEO of Grow Your Org, Marilyn helps technology and software entrepreneurs take their ideas and turn them into successful business ventures. Grow Your Org is her way of staying involved with the scientists and engineers she loves, helping more of them bring their unique gifts and ideas out of the institutions and laboratories and into the world.

Business Creator and C-Level Executive – Marilyn Walker

Marilyn has created or co-created 4 companies, and sold 2 of them. She created one of the first ecommerce companies in 1994. She has consistently created rapid increases in revenues and valuations, and managed the growth that came with that. One of her companies experienced a 100-times increase in online revenues in a 6-week period. She has doubled and tripled overall revenues for multiple companies. She has worked with licensing software from federal agencies, international customers and reach, angel investors and VCs, and government grants. She has obtained over $13 million in grant funding from the government.

Scientist – Marilyn Walker

Marilyn has a PhD in Environmental Biology from the University of Colorado, and served on the faculties of the University of Colorado and the University of Alaska. She has published over 50 scientific and technical books and articles, was an advisor to the National Science Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences, and has been a keynote and plenary speaker at international science conferences. She was featured in National Geographic and has been in television documentaries on global change.

Visionary Technologist – Marilyn Walker

Marilyn began her career in programming and analysis as an undergraduate, when she was first handed a box of punch cards containing a FORTRAN program, and was told to use the program to analyze data on the spatial configurations of anthills in the Mojave Desert. After hanging around the computer center for weeks collecting the results, she gathered them onto a piece of paper and immediately thought, “But now what?” From there she began an exploration of statistics, programming, and modeling that has led to international collaborations and insights that have impacted thousands.

She co-founded the first geographic information systems research laboratory at the University of Colorado. She can still remember the day she was first shown the “World Wide Web”, and knew that her dream that one day we would all be connected to large databases of information (and would also be, in some ways, overwhelmed by them), now had a mechanism to become true.

A Personal Note

When I look at my life and my career I see one constant in them – change! I have traveled the world, had great adventures, and have enjoyed all of my chapters and look forward to whatever comes next. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next! I started my career as a scientist, and I have learned that you can leave science as a career, but you can’t change your heart. My heart is and always will be the heart of a scientist. I am endlessly curious.

I created Grow Your Org as a way to reach out to others who want to take software and technology into the commercial world, where it has the potential to change lives. I also know that trust is a big issue for many people who first come into business (for good reason). I understand both the fear and the excitement that comes from making a big transition, because I’ve been there.

If you are thinking about commercializing your own software or technology, I’d love to see if I can help you with that. You can send me a message using the form below, and I promise to get back to you promptly.

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