Commercializing Your Impactful Software and Technology

The World Needs Your Technology – So What Next?

Your idea is brilliant – YOU are brilliant. If you could scale your software or technology or idea, you would benefit financially, and the world would gain the benefit of your genius.

How do you get started? What should you do next?

Business Term Tag CloudBetween where you stand and where the benefits happen is a gap – a knowledge and experience gap. You’re just not sure what to do next, and you’re not even sure that you should try to commercialize. You may wonder what questions you should be asking.

I help brilliant creators, scientists, and visionaries through the process of growing their potentially world-changing ideas for products and services into a functioning business.

If that sounds like you – if you have an idea for a product or service but you aren’t sure what to do next – take a look around the site and see how it feels to you. There are free resources here for you.

Visit the “Ask Marilyn” page and ask me a question (and you might even win a book that could help you get started closing your knowledge gap). I work only with, well, let’s just call them “brainy people.” You are my tribe. (Read my story here.)

If you’re not comfortable posting in public, we can spend an hour together and walk you through a process of evaluating your idea or product and your own alignment with success. Because it really does begin and end with you.

I’ve been an academic, a government employee, a writer, a researcher, and a business owner several times over. My first love is the natural world and my second is technology, especially software. I started this business because I wanted others to have the same opportunities to pursue their dreams – as many times as they want to. I’d love to help you.

“Marilyn is passionate, tenacious, brilliant, and creative. I’m always looking for ways we can work together on new projects.”
–Peter Lilienthal, Founder and CEO, HOMER Energy
“Marilyn is an amazing blend of detailed thinking and creative inspiration. She approaches every project with focus, determination and an open mind that allows for unexpected discoveries. Marilyn is extremely astute in her ability to listen between the lines, capture the heart of what someone says and then offer the understanding as a way of moving in a desired direction.”
–Elizabeth Gold, Founder and Lead, To the Point Training and Development
“I’m not sure how Marilyn does it. Maybe it’s the clarity with which she sees things. Or her ability to focus. Certainly the position of fundamental stability from which she receives and processes signals, has something to do with it. Marilyn doesn’t get ruffled under pressure. And she doesn’t get distracted by emotional forces that come to bear on a situation. It is this, her approach to matters important to her and others – in business and in life – that magnetically draw the best outcomes. Her quiet authority and wise advice (delivered with a notable and ever-present brightness in her eyes) impart a feeling of security to the people with whom she works. Her clear optimism is infectious. It contributes not only to the outcome but also to the way that friends, clients, colleagues, and industry leaders feel, during the process (both in her presence and later, having a lasting impression).”
–Alex James, Sales Manager, Think Impact
“Marilyn is a unique, one-in-a-million person who is an absolute pleasure to know. She is a great example of someone who does what they say and knows where they want to go in life. You really get the feeling that she is there for you.”
–Datta Groover, Founder and Lead Coach, Higher Speech
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